Lehrveranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2010/11

Lehrpraktikum 2 Fremdsprachendidaktik Englisch

Prof. Dr. Donald Kiraly

Kurzname: 06.008.235
Kursnummer: 06.008.235

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

This practical teaching experience is an integral part of the module in foreign language teaching (FSD 1). It involves a 30-hour foreign language teaching experience that the student organizes for him- or herself. It should entail the selection, preparation, teaching and evaluation of a language-related class. A tutorial is acceptable as long as a group of learners is involved (not a one-on-one tutorial). The report is a 10-page review of the work done to prepare for and implement the course. This paper is to be written in English, French, or Spanish and must be submitted in written form.

If you wish to receive credit for the Lehrpraktikum in a given semester, you MUST register officially for this course via Jogustine in advance and you MUST also sign up separately on Jogustine in order to receive a grade for the course.

As it is very difficult to compare reports on your teaching experiences, your report will essentially be evaluated on a pass/fail basis (with unacceptable work being returned to your for improvement). The actual grade that will be entered into Jogustine for the Lehrpraktikum will be the average of the other grades that you will have earned for courses taking within the scope of the module.

Please contact the instructor BEFORE you sign up for the Lehrpraktikum to get approval for the teaching experience you wish to use as the foundation for this course.
Semester: WiSe 2010/11