Lehrveranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2013

FÜ DE-EN Wirtschaft 1+2 (AE)

Prof. Dr. Donald Kiraly

Kurzname: 06.008.539
Kursnummer: 06.008.539

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

As this is an advanced course for students who are approaching the end of their studies and who will soon need to function as language mediation professionals, we will be resorting extensively to colloborative, authentic learning activities in this class with a minimum of teacher-centered instruction (Frontalunterricht). The instructor has, however, taken into consideration the constructive feedback received on his course evaluations last semester to make the course more amenable to students who are not yet comfortable with collaborative teamwork in learning environments. In particular, care will be taken to explain to the members of the class the value of the specific learning activities we will be engaged in.

Once again, class participants will be working extensively in teams in class this semester. Each team will be expected to submit no fewer than 15 pages (4500 words) of high-quality translations from German into English by the end of the semester. (It will be necessary for one person in each team to bring a notebook to class every week as we will be working in a regular classroom). The material will come from two online magazines published in pdf format on the FACTORY website for sustainable economics. The translations submitted by the teams will be  included in the English version of the published magazines. The names of the translators will be included in the published translations. In this way, they can serve as valuable references for the students’ translator competence.

A translation exam will be required of all course participants near the end of the semester. This exam will be done individually to determine each student’s actual state of translatory competence.

The final grades for the course will be determined as follows:

- 33% final exam
- 33% team portfolio grade
- 33% professional attitude   (effective, communicative, responsible, and respectful teamwork and interaction with the instructor)

Aus gegebenem Anlass: attendance at all sessions is obligatory! As you will be working intensively with a team, you will not have the luxury of skipping classes this semester.

In addition, you must announce any unavoidable absences in advance!

If you don’t show up for work and don’t announce your absence in advance, you are likely to be fired. In this course, if you don’t announce your absences (which are permissible only in the case of a serious health problem) you will not receive credit for this course. It is NOT essential to inform the instructor in advance that you will miss a class; but it IS essential that you inform your team members, who are depending on you! If you can’t contact your team members, then you should contact the instructor if you must miss a class.



Datum (Wochentag)UhrzeitOrt
17.04.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
24.04.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
08.05.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
15.05.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
22.05.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
29.05.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
05.06.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
12.06.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
19.06.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
26.06.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
03.07.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
10.07.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 346
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude
17.07.2013 (Mittwoch)09.40 - 11.10 Uhr01 348
8511 - FAS Hauptgebäude

Semester: SoSe 2013