Dr. Klaus H. Schmidt, Ak. Direktor


Dr. Klaus H. Schmidt is an associate professor of American Studies at the University of Mainz, School of Translation Science, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies in Germersheim. He received an M.A. in Translation Studies (1988) and a Ph.D. in American Studies (1994) from the University of Mainz in Germersheim. He has been teaching courses and seminars in American literature, language, and culture, as well as translation classes and seminars in translation theory since 1989. His research interests include African American literature, early American culture, and American Naturalism. He is also a translator and an editor of books on chess theory.

Administrative Functions

Stellvertr. Leiter des Prüfungsamts; Stellvertr. Leiter der Fachgruppe Übersetzen; Mitglied des Senats, des Senatsausschusses für Studium und Lehre, des Fachbereichsrats, des Haushaltsausschussses, des Prüfungsausschusses (ex officio) und des Leitungskollegiums (AAAA); Prüfungsbeauftragter (AAAA); Tutorienbeauftragter (AAAA).

Research Interests
  • Early American Literature and Culture
  • African American Studies
  • Theodore Dreiser / American Naturalism
  • Specialized Forms of Technical Translation